At Cellec Technologies, we’re dedicated to pursuing new technologies that significantly improve the capability and safety of today’s lithium-ion cells. Our innovative lithium balancing approach provides cell-level stability at 0-Volt state-of-charge (Z-Safe) in standard cell chemistries, without compromising performance.

A Novel Approach to Lithium Cell Safety and Functionality

Our ongoing, highly meticulous research in the field of lithium-ion technology radically improves the safety of lithium-ion cells; moreover, it eliminates the need to store and transport cells at a partial state of charge. This results in greater efficiency and cost savings for the clients we serve, while enhancing each cell’s prospect in a wide array of application-based settings.


Cellec Technologies is a lithium-ion battery research and manufacturing company comprising a group of dedicated scientists, engineers and researchers who’ve made it their lives’ work to improve the efficiency, safety and performance of lithium-ion storage cells. We support the aerospace and defense sector and advantage national security with our patented approach to achieving 0-Volt stability in lithium-ion cells. Since our incorporation in 2016, we have leveraged several innovative state and federal programs and are working toward creating clean and sustainable energy solutions. Through close collaboration internally and with the scientific community, we’re working tirelessly to improve the way tomorrow’s innovators improve their products and services.

Our Scientific Staff

Meet the people who make Cellec Technologies one of the industry’s leading developers of highly advanced lithium-ion storage cells, and discover how our education, experience and passion is changing the face of energy storage for government agencies, manufacturers, technology firms and others who utilize lithium-ion storage in their own applications.


To learn more about the research and developments we’re making here at Cellec Technologies, or to discuss your applications with a member of our scientific staff, get in touch today. Cellec Technologies is based out of Rochester, NY, in the heart of New York State’s growing energy storage ecosystem, and serves the needs of clients both locally and throughout the entire United States.

We can be reached in confidence by phone at 585-454-9166, or via email by writing to us through our website’s highly-secured contact page.